What Is the Manufacturing Process for Aluminum Containers?

Of all the packaging materials used, aluminum is by far the most common. By looking around, you will see all types of items that were made from aluminum circles. For example, hairspray is often encased in an aluminum aerosol bottle, energy drinks come in aluminum cans, and even air freshener that you spray around the house is in a can made from aluminum.

Although aluminum containers are in abundance, the way these containers are manufactured remains a mystery for most people. For containers made of aluminum to be manufactured, an impact extrusion process is used. Prior to the process starting, a metal slug is completely cooled and lubricated.

To begin the process, the slug has to be placed on a die. This die is located below the punch. From there, the punch comes into contact with the slug. Once that happens, the slug becomes deformed while it is reshaped around the punch. With a single impact, the slug is shaped. With that done, a counterpunch mechanism takes the slug off the workpiece.

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