How Aluminum Extrusions Can Benefit the Automotive Industry

Ranking high on the list of industries that benefit from extruded products is the automotive industry. Just like plastic, most automakers now use aluminum in the design and building of new vehicles. There’s not one but several reasons for this. Ultimately, it comes down to meeting the demands of today’s car buyers with top-quality custom aluminum extrusions.
Custon Aluminum Extrusion
Of course, the way that auto manufacturers meet their goals is by relying on one of the best custom aluminum extrusion suppliers. That way, they have the assurance of receiving superior quality parts and components at a competitive price. Following are some examples of how custom aluminum extrusion companies benefit the automotive industry.
  • Tailored Product – As the name implies, manufacturers make custom aluminum extrusions specific to your needs. An experienced team can create a part or component that follows your specifications. The unit uses the information provided to make it with precision. Along with more standardized products, the top custom aluminum extrusion suppliers can develop those with intricate detailing.
  • Weight Savings – In simple terms, the heavier an automobile, the less fuel-efficient it is. To stay competitive in a market where consumers want the best gas mileage possible, automakers consider aluminum products as the ideal solution. Although aluminum is much lighter compared to other metals, it’s incredibly durable.
  • Cost Savings – There’s yet another key benefit of custom aluminum extrusions. They save automakers money that is then passed onto buyers. Everyone wants a fantastic vehicle to drive but at the same time, for as little money possible. Due to the lightweight and fabricating abilities using this material, automobile manufacturing costs decrease.
  • Multi-Faceted Services – When you do business with one of the top custom aluminum extrusion suppliers, there’s an excellent chance of benefiting from additional services. Two examples include technical solutions and warehousing and distribution.
  • Resists Corrosion – Naturally, aluminum resists corrosion. Considering that vehicles go through snow and rain, this is critical for the manufacturing process. Especially for people who live near the ocean, custom aluminum extrusions wear better and last longer than those made from other materials.
  • Weight to Strength Ratio – The weight to strength ratio of extruded products made from aluminum is incredible. For that reason, they’re ideal for things like transmission housing, chassis, engine blocks, cylinder heads, and panels.
  • Faster Turnaround – Often, the best custom aluminum extrusion companies can develop both standard and unique parts and components quicker using this material. For customers, that means benefiting from a faster turnaround on delivery of the products ordered.

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What Can Custom Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers Do for You?

If you need custom aluminum products manufactured for your business, you should consider working with one of the best custom aluminum extrusion suppliers. As the go-between for you and the manufacturer, suppliers with aluminum extrusion companies have an important role within this industry.

Solid Connections

The best suppliers have solid connections with the top manufacturers of custom aluminum products. The time invested in building these relationships results in a foundation based on trust and respect. For you as the customer, this eliminates a host of potential problems associated with hiring a manufacturer directly. Without having established this kind of connection, there is a risk of you choosing a manufacturer that produces subpar products or charges too much. Instead, the supplier is responsible for distributing only the highest-quality extruded parts and components. In fact, most of these suppliers specialize in custom extrusions.

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Saving Time and Money

An experienced supplier can also save you significant time and money. With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, you spend less time trying to find the right manufacturing company and less money because your product is produced the first time correctly.

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